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Malvika Mohanan – Respect and adoration for Nayantara; Everyone can have one, that’s not what I said! Mohanan

Malvika Mohanan –

malavika-mohananNayanthara is one of the most star-rated heroines in South India. The actress is a superheroine who has many fans in Tamil Nadu. Nayanthara is known as Lady Superstar in the South Indian film world.

MalvikaNayanthara has acquired all these achievements by coming from Malayalam. Similarly, Malavika Mohanan is an actress who started her career in Malayalam and has become a well-known heroine in South India today. Malavika has acted in all the superstar films. Once Malavika came out with an indirect criticism against Nayanthara in an interview and it was much noticed.

Malavika MohananMalavika Mohanan


Malavika criticized Nayanthara by saying that she is a superheroine who wears make-up even in the hospital scene.

But recently, in an interview given as part of the promotion of Nayanthara’s new film Connect, Nayanthara gave a reply to Malavika.


Malavika Mohanan

After that, a few days ago, in an interview given as part of the promotion of the new film Christie, a remark made by Malavika was against Nayanthara.

I don’t understand why she is called Lady Superstar. It is not enMalvika Mohananough to call him a superstar. Malavika said that no one calls Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and Katrina Kaif as Lady Superstar, they call me Superstar.

Malavika MohananThis was interpreted as a reference against Nayanthara. Now, Malvika Mohanan has come up with an explanation. Malavika clarified what she meant by sharing the news about this on Twitter. Malavika’s tweet also came under heavy criticism from Nayanthara’s fans.


Malavika clarified that her comment was only about the term used to describe female actors and not about any particular star.

“I respect and admire Nayanthara a lot. As a senior, I look forward to their incredible journey. Everyone can have a little,’ said Malavika.


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