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Nick Jonas ‘The best life partner you can always depend on; Nick Jonas says Priyanka is different from ex-girlfriends

Nick Jonas –  American singer and celebrity Nick Jonas’s words about his wife and actress Priyanka Chopra are now being discussed on social media. Nick spoke about Priyanka during an interview given in connection with the promotion of his new music album ‘Space Man’.

Nick Jonas

Nik gave the exact answer to the question of how Priyanka Chopra is different from her ex-girlfriends. Nik says that Priyanka was a close friend even before marriage and they understood each other well. Nick says that he is blessed and lucky to have a great partner like Priyanka.

“If he is a real person, we feel a magical connection with him. We are very fortunate in that respect. We knew each other very well even before marriage. Our relationship as friends is what makes our relationship beautiful. These are the eventful first few years of marriage. I am very blessed to have a wonderful life partner who I can always depend on. I think she feels the same way,’ said Nick Jonas.

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Nick Jonas had romances before falling in love with Priyanka. Nick himself has often opened up about his romantic relationships. Nick and Priyanka met at the Gala Awards 2018. Later, both of them appeared together at many public events. Later, the stars revealed that they are getting married. Nik and Priyanka have been married for three years now. Priyanka and Nik share pictures and videos together.

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