Actress Madhuri Braganza shared the situation
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Actress Madhuri Braganza shared the situation

Actress Madhuri Braganza shared the situation

Actress Madhuri Braganza shared the situation

Actress Madhuri – Actress Madhuri Braganza Shares How She Had To Edit Her Glamorous Film That Was Feared By Critics – Madhuri Braganza

Fanaticism is a fan-shot form when we have to edit a picture that we love so much to not drive ourselves crazy due to criticism and trolls from so-called fans, the actor asked while sharing the latest picture.Actress Madhuri Braganza shared the situation

The actor says that he was in a predicament where he had to edit and upload a glamor film that he liked because he was afraid of critics. A photo star has edited it with a caption and shared it on social media. Madhuri’s post about editing her favorite film for fear of criticism from so-called fans is now going viral. The actor has also shared a picture edited like this on social media.

The actor gave a brilliant performance in the film which was a huge hit in the theatres. But Madhuri became well-known to the Malayalam cinema audience with the superhit Vijaya film Joseph released in the same year. The character of Lisamma in the film was much noticed.

Madhuri Braganza is the star who appeared as a country girl in the film Joseph in which Joju George played the lead role. The Bangalore native appeared in Joseph with a very different look. All the pictures shared by the very active star on Instagram go viral very quickly. After Joseph, the actor got many opportunities in Malayalam cinema. The actor also acted in the film Ittimani Maid in China with Mohanlal and Pattabhiraman with Jayaram. The star also got an opportunity to shine as an actress and playback singer in the film Al Mallu.

Actress Madhuri Braganza Actress Madhuri Braganza Actress Madhuri Braganza Actress Madhuri Braganza

The actress is all set to make her debut as a playback singer in director Boban Samuel’s film. Al Mallu’s music is composed by Ranjin Raj, who composed the songs in Joseph. Madhuri has sung a retro-type song in the film. Madhuri is also acting in the song scene of the film.

The actor, who is active on social media, has already shared many photoshoot pictures. Several comments appeared under the picture of the star, who appeared in a glamorous look with a coffee mug on the balcony.

Actress Madhuri Braganza Actress Madhuri BraganzaAlthough she acted as a country girl in the first film, the actor has already proved that she is thoroughly modern through photoshoots. Director Boban Samuel, who happened to listen to a song shared by the star on Madhuri’s YouTube channel, invited Madhuri to the film Al Mallu.
When there was an attack by moralists against some pictures shared on social media, the actor responded with strong language. While some criticized the sharing of the bikini picture, the posting of the bathing suit picture was also criticized.

The actor then responded that you should not be an insult to the Malayalees. Madhuri made her debut on the silver screen with the 2018 super hit movie My Mezhukuthiri Athazhamal starring Anoop Menon.

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