Huma Qureshi
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Five kilos more than needed to be a heroine!: Huma Qureshi

Five kilos more than needed to be a heroine! Cried after hearing criticism: Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi is the shining star of Bollywood. Huma became a star through Gangs of Wasseypur. As the film became iconic, Huma’s career took off. Huma Qureshi is also an actor who has faced constant body shaming despite being applauded for her acting prowess. Now Huma Qureshi is speaking out against magazines that have written badly about her.

Huma says that she was once body-shamed by the same magazines that write articles about body positivity today. Huma says, “Sometimes you look at old articles and you’re like, ‘You’re writing about a girl in her 20s trying to stand on her own two feet.’

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It read, ‘Look at what she’s wearing, look at her thighs and legs.’ Huma also says that he used to zoom in on body parts and criticize. The actor opened up while talking to Barkha Dutt. Maybe kids born and brought up in Mumbai will get used to hearing all this. But Huma says that it was difficult for her to face all this on a daily basis.

After reading everything written about her, she thought that she was not the right person to be a heroine. I thought I needed to change. Huma says that she tried to change but it was not the right thought. Meanwhile, Huma said that her looks were never a problem in her personal life. But after becoming an actress, people told me to lose weight. Huma also remembers that a journalist told her to change her appearance as she had to stand in front of the camera.

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Huma says that she is even ready to shave off her eyebrows if her character demands it. Huma also says that she was under a lot of stress because people kept telling her to lose weight. Huma also remembers what was written about her in the review of her second film.

“She is an impossible actress with a beautiful face. But she is five kilos more than what is required to be a mainstream heroine” was the comment in the review. Huma says that she was devastated after reading it. The actor also says that he was crying.

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After the massive success of Gangs of Wasseypur, Huma has never looked back as an actress. He was part of many films like Ek The Dayan, Deed Ishqiya, Badlapur, Jolly LLB 2, and Monica O My Darling. Huma also entered the world of web series through Laila. The latest movie is Tarla. The next movie to be released is Pooja Meri Jaan. He has also acted in Malayalam. Mammootty is coming to Malayalam through White.

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