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Little things are enough to make me fall in love: Anarkali

People fall in love with people they don’t think at all; Little things are enough to make me fall in love: Anarkali

Anarkali Marikar has won the hearts of the audience as Hala in Sulaikha Manzil. She made her debut with the movie Anandam. Anarkali was able to mark the actress in her and gain the audience’s attention with very few films. Anarkali’s other films include Vimana, Mandaram, Uare, and Janaki Jaane. In this, the role of Uare got a lot of attention.

Anarkali is also very active on social media. She reaches out to fans through social media with songs, dances, and photoshoots. She has been able to win the love of fans due to her habit of speaking openly and her stance on issues inside and outside the film. Anarkali has a habit of speaking openly even in interviews.

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She has spoken openly about her love and breakup. Now, in an interview given to Kairali TV, Anarkali’s words when asked about love are getting attention. Anarkali says that small things are enough to make her fall in love. The actor also says that he falls in love with people who don’t even think about it.

She started talking by saying that when we talk about love, we cannot remember only one person. ‘I have a boyfriend. My first love was when I was in class 8. I have a lot of love in my heart. There is only love. There are no special concepts about love. You don’t know what qualities a person in love needs. I also fall in love with people who have things I don’t like,

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‘I have fallen in love with people I never thought I would. Little things are enough to make me fall in love with people. No special quality is required. Any reason is enough. He is also a very 80s person. He also looks awfully broad,’ said Anarkali.

In another interview recently, Anarkali spoke about how she got over the breakup. It was the time when mom and dad moved. It was not at all. Meanwhile, I got into a traveling group with some strangers. Planned to go on a Coonoor trip with them. I called my mother and told her that I will go on a trip with some people I don’t know. Knowing that she was sad about the breakup, Umm agreed as soon as she heard.

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The journey was in a traveler. All were male. There were no young people. All of them are 45 years old. So the journey went with them. During the journey, they realized that it was the child who was acting in Uriel. When they reached a place, they all entered the theater to watch. When I came on the screen, they tore up the paper. Strangers cheered me on. Anarkali said that this is how the problem was overcome.

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