Rashmika Mandana
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The manager cheated on me: Rashmika Mandana

Rashmika Mandana is an actress who has achieved a huge rise in her career in a short period of time. Rashmika, who hails from Karnataka, ventured into Telugu films and created a string of hits. Fans celebrate Rashmika as a ‘National Crush’. But while being celebrated on the one hand, Rashmika is facing severe cyber attacks on the other. Critics argue that Rashmika is overrated.

Meanwhile, the actress had to face the allegation of neglecting the Kannada film industry. But it is remarkable that Rashmika managed to continue her success story despite the harsh accusations. Rashmika is making a presence in Bollywood today after crossing South India.

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A piece of new information about Rashmika is coming out now. According to reports, Rashmika’s manager cheated the actress and took Rs 80 lakh. This was the manager who was with Rashmika from the beginning of her career. He took Rs 80 lakh from the actress without Rashmika’s knowledge. Realizing that she was cheated, Rashmika fired the manager immediately. Rashmika has not yet responded to the media about the incident. Rashmika Mandana is one of the highest-paid actresses in South India. An actor gets a salary of Rs 4 crore for a film. Pushpa 2 is Rashmika’s new movie which fans are waiting for. In most of the movies he acted in, the actor got impressive songs.

The actress’s dance moves in the recent Tamil film Vaaris have gained immense popularity. Rashmika also shone in the songs of films like Pushpa, Dear Comrade, and Geeta Govindam. Rashmika, who is in the prime of her career, does not generally respond to controversies.

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Even when the Kannada film industry turned against her, Rashmika kept her composure. Rashmika was the heroine in the film Kirik Party, which was first directed by Rishabh Shetty, who became famous for Kantara. This was Rashmika’s first film. In a recent interview, Rashmika refused to mention her debut film. This angered Rishabh Shetty. He also criticized indirectly. After that, widespread criticism was raised against Rashmika from the Kannada film industry.

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Rashmika is also regularly discussed in gossip columns. It is reported that Rashmika is in love with actor Vijay Devarakonda. Meanwhile, the stars have not openly admitted this. Vijay Deverakonda recently said that he and Rashmika are close friends. The two have acted together in the films Geetha Govindam and Dear Comrade.

Rashmika was earlier in a relationship with Kannada actor Rakshit Shetty. Their marriage is over. But later both of them withdrew from the relationship. Later, Rashmika entered the Telugu film industry and became a superhit heroine.

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