Nikhila Vimal
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Nikhila Vimal

Cinema belongs to the community, no gender segregation: Nikhila Vimal

Nikhila Vimal; Actress Nikhila Vimal says there should be no segregation of men and women in cinema. Nikhila was speaking on the topic ‘New Cinema: Vision and Experience’ at the Yuvadhara Literature Festival.

Many people ask what is the role of women in cinema. But no one asks about male participation. Cinema is always a product of community. No one calls a commercial or mass movie a masculine movie. So there is no need to say that it is a feminist film. Only when the male-female distinction disappears will everyone start talking about cinema. Nikhila also said that women and men should be given equal places in cinema.

Actor and director Madhupal said that if one pays a thousand rupees today, a family can watch a movie in OTT for a year. They know that the movie will be released in OTT within a month. Madhupal said that the audience’s mind has changed as if that is not enough.

Actor Irshad said that he does not have the vision of acting only in films with a message and social issues. Irshad said that he will accept the role if it satisfies him. Director Manu Ashokan said he does not agree with banning films like Kerala Story. Manu Ashokan said that after watching such movies, people should decide whether they want politics in it or not.

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The film’s song titled ‘Megham’ was released on Tips Malayalam YouTube channel. Sung by music director Alphonse Joseph, the song’s lyrics are penned by poet-lyricist Kuzhur Wilson. Additional music programming and sound engineering have been done by Nitin Sabu Johnson and Anandu Pai. The guitar is handled by Alphonse Joseph.

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