Priya Warrier reveals

I’m still close to my ex-boyfriend; Priya Warrier reveals

Priya Warrier reveals that she has 18 tattoos, and I’m still close to her ex-boyfriend. Tattooed in places where no one can see.

I'm still close to my ex-boyfriend ; Priya Warrier revealsPriya Prakash Warrier is a Malayalee star beauty who has won fans all over the world with a single song scene. Priya Warrier, who made her acting debut with the film ‘Oru Adar Love’ directed by Omar Lulu, stole the hearts of the youth with the blindfold scene in a song scene in the film itself.

Even before the release of this film, Priya Warrier became viral even outside India with the song Manikya Malarayaya Poovi. Later, opportunities came to look for Priya Varyar from other languages ​​apart from Malayalam. At the same time, Priya Warrier was getting opportunities in Bollywood even before that, although she received a mixed response in Attar Love Theater. Two Telugu films were released in theaters after that as Priya.

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Priya has three Hindi films to release. Every new photo of Priya popularly known as “Wink Girl” was taken by the fans in a big way. Priya got a massive fan following by doing very few films. Now after a long time, a Malayalam film of Priya is coming to the screens.

Priya Varrier will be released as the heroine in the film ‘Four Years’, which is about campus love. This movie is directed by Ranjith Shankar. Young actor Sarjano Khalid, who became famous with films like June and Big Brother, will play the lead role of Priya Warrier in Four Years.

Now Priya Warrier is busy with promotional events ahead of the release of this film. As a part of it, the interview given by the actress to Behindwoods has now become very viral.

I'm still close to my ex-boyfriend ; Priya Warrier reveals

Priya Warrier reveals that  “I am the last casted actress in Four Years”. I always wonder how Ranjith Shankar sir cast me in this film. I’m still friends with my ex. I have hated myself for some bad decisions I made.

I have never been in love with Kalipan Kantari Mood. I won’t even get you started. I know myself well. I have my own decisions. I am not putting expression unnecessarily. I do what the workers tell us.

But people often don’t understand that. I am not affected by any such criticism. He has eighteen tattoos all over his body. It is tattooed in a place where no one can see it. I have seen a lot of positive changes after coming to the cinema. Doesn’t feel overcooked.

Sometimes I feel sad that the movie is getting very little. Then there is only waiting to get a good movie. It is not in our hands.’When I lose an opportunity, my father and mother are the most worried. They have not said anything about looking for another career.

The intimate scene is the same as all the scenes. It’s all part of the movie. Needless to say. I know that no one who has met me and spoken to me in person will make negative comments.

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Nothing is glorified and shown in Four Years. Priya Varrier also says that many people can relate to their own lives when they watch Four Years. Fans have already taken this interview of the star.

Priya Prakash Warrier is a Malayalam actress who is famous for her acting in the song Manikyamalaraya Poovi in ​​the 2019 film Oru Adar Love directed by Omar Lulu.

Priya Warrier was also the most searched actress on Google in India within a few hours. But then the actress Priya Warrier is also the most trolled actress in Malayalam.

Sridevi Bungalow, the actress’ first Bollywood film, is yet to be released. Later the actor also acted in Kannada. The Kannada movie Vishnu Priya is awaiting release. A Malayalam movie called ‘Oru Nalapathukarante Irupathiyonnukari’ is also in the line-up. Priya Warrier reveals

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