Priyamani exploded

I married the man I fell in love with: You’re off limits! No more forgiveness. Priyamani exploded

Priyamani is an actress who faced various criticisms of social media after her marriage. The trolls and criticisms faced during the marriage were overwhelming.

The actor faced cyber attacks for marrying Mustafa, a Muslim. Allegations of love jihad were raised against Priyamani’s marriage. Now Priyamani is talking about the criticisms she had to hear from social media about her marriage.

Priyamani says that some have said that their marriage is love jihad and if they have children, it will be through jihad. “Even when I entered the next phase of my life, marriage, I heard criticism. Some people asked why you are marrying someone outside your religion. They said that having children is through jihad and this is love jihad. Listen, you are crossing the line! I married the man I fell in love with,” says Priyamani.

When I was single, you were the one who said you were a goddess. They will say that this is this. Will do anything for me. But if a girl tells me that I am getting married, that will change. Marriage is for love. What if he belongs to a different caste or religion? what is wrong Priyamani asks. Not all Muslims are ISIS. Love Jihad? What misinformation. Grow up! We live in a modern world. India is a secular state. Then why say that Hindu and Muslim Sikh are brothers? Don’t stop saying that. When one section says that, another section says you are Hindu and you are Muslim. Why misinformation? The star also asks.

It’s better if you’re happy. Not happy but good. I’m not going to grab you and tell you to like him because you’re not happy. This is my life. It’s up to me who I want to live with when I move on to the next stage. What would you do if I told you tomorrow that I want to marry someone else? Priyamani says that I have given an example and I will not do otherwise.

Priyamani’s response was in an interview given to a YouTube channel. Priyamani also talks about the body shaming she faced. “Then there came a stage in life. After covid. I lost weight. Then some people said why did you lose weight, fat is beautiful. Some said you are beautiful to see now. 99 percent say good things. One percent say negative,” says Priyamani.

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