Abhaya Hiranmayi About Bad Comments
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Abhaya Hiranmayi About Bad Comments

Abhaya Hiranmayi About Bad Comments – Abhay Hiranmayi opens up about the sarcastic comments made against her if she comes to the gym to show off her body

Abhaya Hiranmayi About Bad Comments: Abhay is also an actor who is getting a lot of attention on social media. The star’s bold photoshoots and posts often go viral on social media. Director Gopi Sundar and Abhay were in a live-in relationship for years. But Gopi Sundar fell in love with singer Amrita Suresh.

Abhaya Hiranmayi

Abhaya Hiranmayi is a singer who is well-known to her fans. Abhaya has become a singer of the new age with a different voice, style of singing, and strong attitude. Later, Abhay was seen making her presence known in many fields including modeling.
With this, Abhaya’s social media was filled with many negative comments. At the same time, an actor is also a person who has faced many criticisms and cyber-attacks because of his clothes. But this is not the only problem that affects him, and every action of the star is going forward.
The actor always tries to get back on the scene with the next photoshoot proving that he is comfortable when someone blames him for his dressing style. At the same time, the star has already shone as a singer and model. The star, who appears in front of social media wearing both traditional and modern clothes, is gaining attention among people because of her living together relationship with Gopi Sundar.
Most of what Abhaya shares is different photoshoots. Therefore, these films are often criticized. The actor, who once appeared in a glamorous role with Gopisundar, had many nasty comments under his picture.

Abhaya HiranmayiBut Abhay did not hesitate to react strongly against this. Saying that he used to wear this kind of clothes before, the actor shared some hot and bold-looking pictures on social media. Gopi Sundar and Abhaya have worked together on songs like Nakku Penta Nakku Taka, Biswasat Atalle Alle, Two Countries, James and Alice, Khalbil Niraye Kozhikode.
Abhay says that even today she follows the same style of dressing that she used five years ago. But I didn’t have the courage to post any of that on social media. Times have changed now.

The star also said, “Look around, how beautifully the new generation is wearing clothes.” Now an interview with the star is going viral. The actor talks about the criticism of the dress code. The actor says that I have started wearing shorts since I was conscious and I will wear them even when I am fifty years old.

When I was young, when I wore shorts and such revealing dresses, I was scolded by the locals and those around me. The actor added that the number of people accusing me today has only increased. The actor said I don’t care what anyone says and I will wear the dress I like no matter my age. Recently, the photos and videos of the actor working out in the gym were widely circulated on social media. In all the videos, the actor appeared with a bold look.
Therefore, many negative comments came under the photos and videos of the star. “Do you come to the gym to show off your body?” “Why are you wearing this kind of clothes in the gym” and “It’s a call to Aashan” are the comments.

Where did they get the right to decide what I should wear? Why should only women have problems in something that both men and women do together? Question the dress, where do they have the right to do this? And the actor responded very boldly.

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