Shweta Menon says this is cowardice, and Nitya Das says not to harm him like this
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Shweta Menon says this is cowardice, and Nitya Das says not to harm him like this

Shweta Menon says this is cowardice, and Nitya Das says not to harm him like this; Actresses against those who tore down the poster

Shweta Menon says Pallimani is a new movie starring actress Nithya Das and Shweta Menon in lead roles. Recently, the actresses came to the scene in connection with the promotion of the movie. But the actresses have now come to share the pain of someone tearing Pallimani’s poster on purpose.

Shweta Menon says this is cowardice

Nithya Das and Shweta Menon have talked about the crisis their film had to face through a note shared on their social media page. After the post of the actresses went viral, the fans also responded to it.

The view from Thiruvananthapuram. A sight to behold. Anna did not have any cash in hand. It is not a film with a big artist. The truth is that all this is done by borrowing to get cash before the film hits the theatres. Do not harm. Everything is healing…

‘Pallimani’ will hit theaters near us on the 24th. Like you, we know that this is not a big star film to jump into when the film is released. Let us also do publicity like this within our limitations. Please don’t be harassed.

‘It has been noticed that the posters of my new film Pallimani have been torn down in Thiruvananthapuram. I understand that my bold and fair stance on many issues may cause opposition. However, attacking a film based on my involvement is sheer cowardice.

This film is a dream come true for a debutant director and a debutant producer. The livelihood of countless individuals is linked to the film industry. So instead of hurting the livelihood of many hard-working people by targeting one movie. I am ready to directly confront those behind this act of degradation, says Shweta Menon.

At the same time, many people are coming for and against the post of the actress. ‘That’s right, there are 3 groups who make this kind of mess by putting up posters on the public streets. Filmmakers, politicians, and religious vendors. First, change your outdated marketing system. Learn to keep the city clean, a fan commented.

Allegations are also being raised that they are trying to get publicity by tearing the poster. ‘Isn’t it meant to be a form of publicity by posting a poster saying that it has been torn? Some splinters will be torn. No one will do it on purpose.

Shweta Menon says this is cowardice

Then some pointed out that the actress was described as ‘Anna’ in the post which is not correct. Don’t point the finger at the male community alone and say this. If this is said the other way round, what will happen here?

At the same time, there is no need for Nitya to feel this way. Fans are already saying that the film will be a hit. That is the answer to such abusers. Then some fans spoke to the sisters and brothers who were leaving negative comments.

If this was a poster of Mohanlal or Mammootty, would your reaction be the same? Watching a movie for two hours is a lot of people’s suffering for a long time. Understand that first. Comments are coming under Nitya’s post like your mind is awesome.

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