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It is not easy to live here as a man and to live as a woman; Let’s see what’s wrong! says Lena

Lena is a Malayalee’s favorite actress. Lena has been a part of Malayalam cinema for over 25 years. Apart from movies, Lena has also appeared in serials. The actress entered the cinema at a very young age. Lena made her Malayalam debut with the 1998 film Sneham, directed by Jayaraj. She will be the heroine for the first time with the second look directed by Lal Jose. Later, the star who took a break starts to take the movie more seriously and becomes active on his return.

The return of the actress was through television series. The actress got many fans after being a part of notable serials. By 2009, The Actress became more active in the cinema. Lena is one of those actresses who are busy with tons of movies these days. Vanitha is Lena’s latest film. This is the film where Lena will play the title role for the first time in her career.


The Actress will play the role of a policewoman in the film. The film, which hit the theaters last week, continues to run. Lena is currently busy promoting the film. Her interview with Popper Stop Malayalam channel as part of the promotion is getting attention. Lena says that it is not easy to live as a man and live as a woman here.

She says that society tells women not to be too brave just like men are told not to cry. Read in detail. ‘It is not enough to live as a man and live as a woman in this society. Both have their share of suffering. Men should not cry. Crying means they are weak. Let’s see what’s wrong. Don’t cry if you are human.

Similarly, women should not have too much courage. Show some femininity. Everything has its own few cliché stuff and stereotypes. In 2023, where we are now, we should look to close the gender gap.

The biggest thing I’ve ever felt is seeing people as people,’ ‘I don’t try to see myself as a woman in a male-dominated world. I am one man among men. Everyone has their own difficulties and sufferings. Everyone lives as a group. Respect is a bigger word than anything. “There are no gender differences there, even though they give each other,” said Lena. ‘It is the same in family life.

Where there is no respect, there is no love. Respect for all living beings should be the foundation of anything. Anything can be better if you build on it. Whether it’s someone we see regularly, someone we see occasionally, or a person at home, there is a certain respect that needs to be given. Life will be fun if everyone thinks that,’ ‘Problems start from lack of respect. These are all basic things. If someone feels disrespected, we can tell, even if they don’t say it. We, humans, are such emotional creatures,’ said Lena.

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