Mamta Mohandas
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I lose color; Mamta Mohandas opens up about her physical condition; Fans are with you

Mamta Mohandas is a leading star in Malayalam cinema. Mamta, who has had both ups and downs in her career and life, is an inspiration to those facing crises today. Mamta got her life back after surviving two bouts of cancer. Mamta was diagnosed with cancer when she was shining in films. After battling the disease for a long time, Mamta fought off cancer the first time, but the actress got cancer the second time. But for the second time, Mamta faced it with courage.

Mamta Mohandas The actress went to America alone and underwent treatment and returned to her old life. Even today, the courage shown by the actress is cited as an example in the field of cancer treatment. Mamta was able to make a huge impact in giving hope to cancer patients. Now a new challenge has come in the life of the actress. Mamta is suffering from an autoimmune disorder called vitiligo.

This is a condition in which the skin loses its color. Mamta also shared a photo clarifying this on Instagram. The actress captioned the photo saying, “I’m losing color.” Many people have come with comments under Mamta’s photo.

Some people commented that this is not a disease but a skin condition and to be brave. Fans wish that Mamta, who has survived cancer twice, can overcome the current crisis as well. Mamta survived cancer after undergoing treatment in America.Mamta Mohandas

Fans see Mamta as the actress who emerged as a fashion icon for the first time in Malayalam. Most of the films made after the first film Mayukham were noticed. The actress also got important roles in movies like Big B, My Boss, and Passenger. Janaganamana was Mamta’s last hit movie. Prithviraj was the hero in the film. Apart from cinema, Mamta is also a great singer and has sung in many films.

Mamta Mohandas

Live is Mamta Mohandas’ latest announced movie. The film is directed by VK Prakash. Soubin Shaheer, Shine Tom Chacko and Priya Warrier are also playing the lead roles in the film. Mamta, who was in America for some time, is now active in films again. Apart from Malayalam, Mamta has also acted in Tamil and Telugu. The first film Mayukham was not a financial success. But Mamta’s role in the film was noticed. Later, Mamta acted with stars like Mohanlal Mammootty. The actress acted opposite Mohanlal in Baba Kalyani. Mammootty also acted in films like Big B and Bus Conductor.


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