What happened to Anushka? She was so beautiful that day; Fans watch the new film
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What happened to Anushka? She was so beautiful that day; Fans watch the new film

What happened to Anushka? She was so beautiful that day; Fans watching the new film

Anushka Shetty is an actress with huge star value in South Indian movies, The Actress who is from Karnataka shines more in Telugu movies. She entered the film industry while working as a yoga instructor. Anushka has a screen presence that can stand alongside superstars. Anushka did not hesitate to act in a very glamorous way in the early days. The actress once made a big wave through the singing scene. Anushka acted alongside stars like Vijay, Rajinikanth, Suriya, and Vikram.Anushka

The actress got important acting roles in Telugu. The Telugu film world gave Anushka the hits Aruddhati, which was her first breakthrough in her career, and Baahubali, which gained fame at the pan-Indian level. In Telugu, Anushka Shetty has the star value of Nayanthara in Tamil. Anushka’s stardom skyrocketed due to the movie Baahubali. After this, the movie Baghdamati also became a hit.


Anushka is an actress who shines more than anyone else in royal roles. After Baahubali, many of her co-stars continued to do films, but Anushka has not been seen in many films since then. The question is often asked what happened in the career of the actress. Some say that the actress has been more careful in choosing movies, while some say that the actress’s hair can be a villain in her career. Anushkashetty gained weight for the movie Size Zero. The actress had high hopes for this film, where she played the central role.

AnushkaThat’s why the actress gained weight when she was in the prime of her career. But when the movie was released, it didn’t get much attention. Not only that, She could not go back to her old slim body. Now the new picture of the actress is going viral on social media. Anushkashetty visited the temple with her family in Mahashivratri. The footage of this has come out. Some commented below the video that the actress has put on a lot of weight. Some people also noted that he lost weight and became active in movies like his old self.

There were also discussions on social media comparing the old pictures of the actress. But the fans came to support the actress. Fans pointed out that the actress is beautiful even though she is fat. Many also commented that this kind of body shaming should stop. Anushka doesn’t care about such comments for days. The actress, who generally prefers privacy, is not even active on social media.

AnushkaThe actress recently celebrated her 40th birthday. Anushkashetty is not yet ready for marriage even though there has been much gossip in the past. The actress does not respond to questions about this. She will play a chef in the yet-to-be-announced film.

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