Nandini Life Story
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Nandini Life Story – Actress Nandini reveals why she is not married yet

Nandini Life Story – Nandini was once a superhit heroine in Malayalam cinema. Karumadikutan, He is writing the story, Lelam, Thachiledath Chundan, Naranath Thampuraan, Sundarapurushan and many other films became popular with the audience.

Nandini Life Story
Later, the actress stayed away from a film career. This was due to some unexpected events in life. Nandini, who returned to Malayalam cinema with a guest appearance in the film Anuraga Karikin Vealam, spoke about the big challenges she faced in her life in a recent interview.

“There were health problems in between. Those days were a big turning point in my life when my weight reached 105 kg. There was a time when he acted in four languages ​​at the same time. I didn’t think about my body during that run. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.

I didn’t notice any of this. Foods fried in oil and sweets were eaten without restraint. He started taking glucose to avoid feeling hungry during the journey. At first, there were only one or two packets, but then the number increased. Glucose instead of food when hungry. It took a toll on the body. He started gaining weight.
There was a hormonal difference. Or depression. Both of these caused a lot of trouble. It was like everything was out of my control.” I was alone for a year and a half. Did not go out.

Nandini Life Story

My phone, which was being called by many people, suddenly went silent. Like everyone forgot about me. I even stopped watching movies. Nandini says that I would turn off the TV when the films in which I acted came on. After taking a long break from the world of acting, Nandini is back again.

Nandini made her comeback with Asif Ali’s Anuraga Karikin Vayla. Even though she is 40 years old, the actress is still not married. But Nandini has said that the marriage will not be too late. The actor says that even though he has achieved great heights in life, marriage is his dream and all the plans are going on at home. He hopes to find someone who matches his tastes as a partner soon. Nandini says that the marriage will not be too late.

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Lelam, the actress has seen notable roles in films like Thachiledath Chundan, Naranath Tampuran, Karumadikuttan, Sundara Purush, and many more. He also acted in Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu films. The actress’ last Malayalam film was Anuragakarikin Vellam which was released in 2016.

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