I only post a few pictures of my mom and close friends on my Instagram, body shaming is what worries me; Shalin Zoya

Shalin Soya is the star who has won the love of Malayalees through serial. The star’s entry into acting is through the serial Autograph.

But it has been nowhere to be seen for some time now. In an interview given to a YouTube channel
Shalin shared her stories.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

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Nothing is too active on social media. Something I can’t always do live and be active like So Cold artists. It’s just that it hasn’t been done in Malayalam. He has now done a movie in Tamil called Kannaki. Shalin said that it will be released by July.


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Shalin Zoya

I don’t get many negative comments on social media. Haven’t seen many comments about the dress or anything. I only post a few pictures of my mom and close friends on my Instagram. And I don’t pay much attention to the negatives, adds the actress.

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At first, I thought that many people would say that when they see me for the first time, I am very arrogant and arrogant. But when we met, it was not like that. I feel very insecure when people talk about my fatness.

Shalin also says that body shaming is what bothers me. The actress played notable roles in films like Elsamma Nna Boyay, Manikyakall and Mallusingh. He also directed seven short films.

Aditi Mistry

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