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Samantha ditched the stylist she said caused her divorce. Reports like this!

Samantha is the most star-rated heroine of South India. Samantha was able to make a name for herself as a Pan-Indian star in a very short time. She has starred in many films in Tamil, Telugu, and Bollywood. The actress is also preparing to be active in Bollywood. She gained pan-India attention through The Family Man series. Samantha’s never-before-seen role in the series was well received. After that, opportunities from Bollywood came in search of a star.

SamanthaSo She has been going through the best time of her life in the last few years. But while her career continues to take a big leap, She has faced many crises in her personal life in recent years. Actor Naga Chaitanya and Samantha got divorced a year and a half ago.

After this, health condition of the actress also deteriorated. First, there were reports that the actress was suffering from a disease called monocytosis, which causes muscle weakness. Soon the disease became stronger. With this, Samantha sought treatment abroad. After undergoing treatment, the filming of the star’s films was delayed. But now the actor is back to filming.

Meanwhile, earlier reports said that Samantha was worried about the divorce. Naga Chaitanya and Samantha got married in 2017 after dating for a long time. Their lives were exemplary for all young star couples.

But to the shock of all the fans, on October 2, 2021, with only days left to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary, they informed their fans that they had decided to separate. Even after they decided to separate, the two were in the news.

There were discussions and rumors about their second marriage and gossip involving him and many others. In it, the main gossip spread on Samantha’s behalf was that she was in love with Pritam Jukalkar, the star’s hair stylist, and Naga Chaitanya came to know about this and the reason for the divorce. Such news spread after the travel pictures of both of them went viral. Finally, Pritam himself came forward against the news. Pritam said that Samantha is like a sister to him and should not misunderstand.
Although there were many rumors, She never tried to distance herself from Preeta. Along with Pritam and another staff member named Sadhana, Samantha did a tour including Dubai. But now, new reports say that Samantha has kept a distance from both of them. It is reported that Samantha has not seen them for the past few days. Meanwhile, it is said that the meeting did not take place due to illness and there is no possibility of Samantha getting rid of both of them and all these are just rumours. Samantha is currently shooting for the web series Citadel. Shahid Kapoor is playing the lead role. Samantha also has a film called Khushi with Vijay Devarakonda.

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