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It wasn’t pinky love, it was a maturely thought-out decision; Chandra and Tosh talk about the moments that sparked love

Here is a series that has captivated the hearts of the Malayali family audience and the youth. The series tells about the love between a teacher named Rishi and a student named Surya and the events that follow.

The love scenes between the two were enthusiastically taken by the audience. There are many fan pages on social media under the name of Rishiya. Now we see the climax episodes. Rani got her daughter back. Now is the good moment when Rani and Rajeev come together.

chandra actress chandra actress chandra actress chandra actress

Actress Chandra Lakshmanan is a star beauty who once shined equally in movies and serials and still remains a strong presence in the serial scene. Chandra Lakshmana is married to serial actor Tosh Christy. At the same time, the marriage of Chandra Laxmani and serial actor Tosh Christy was one of the most celebrated star weddings among fans.

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Their marriage was in November 2021. Despite belonging to different religions, both families had no objections to the marriage. With the consent and blessing of both families, Tosh and Chandra got married according to the Hindu faith and Christian faiths. Today they also have a son named Ayan. Chandra and Tosh say that their son was born at the end of last year.

Even before they fell in love, rumors started circulating on and off the sets. Everything was left as a joke. Both say that later they realized that their friendship had reached another level and decided to get married. Both of them shared their marriage story in an interview given to a leading media.

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After a gap of eleven years, Chandra Laxman is making his own serial Sujatha in Malayalam. Ratosh Christy came as the second hero. At first, I didn’t understand when I told him. Chandra says that he came to know later when he heard that he acted as a slave in Mulamoot in Kayamkulam Kochunni.

When I saw Chandra for the first time, I thought what a Jada. Tosh said that he remembered how he would act with them. Tosh arrives halfway through the series. Soon after Tosh’s arrival, his colleagues started making fun of the two. Some said to Chandra, ‘Nice boy, Tosh’. While on location, he said, ‘You are a good man. Why don’t you tie it?’ Friends and relatives started saying the same thing. But both of them say that they did not have love in their hearts that day.

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Later, Chandra’s mother replied to the question of how they celebrated their love season, ‘No time was given for love. By that time it was fixed’, said the mother. ‘Pinky was not love. It was a maturely thought-out decision. When we realized that our friendship had gone to another level, we told our parents about it. Being of different religions, the family was tense about how to accommodate this. The matter was presented in both houses on the same day. There was no opposition in either house. “The marriage was performed according to two religious rituals,” said Tosh and Chandra.

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Tosh also revealed the sparking moments of love. ‘Once during the shoot, the electricity went out. Chandra is a little further away. Her eyes can be seen glowing in the dark. ‘In the dark, those angelic eyes glow,’ I wrote on Facebook. Seeing that, Chandra felt that the angel was ‘not me’. Once again, after the shoot, they were going to the flat together. When the flat was ready, Chandra said, ‘The flat should not have arrived’. What was said in the mind came out. I took it as a sign of love,’ said Tosh


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