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Journalist’s revelation about Kanaka’s mental illness, eyewitness account; How is Kanaka living today?

For years, Kanaka has had no films, no going out, no relatives, and no friends. Then the journalist asked the security man his doubts about how they live and what is their income. The security clears that the madam does not have any financial problems and has a lot of assets in her name. Kanaka is a leading actress who once filled the Tamil Telugu Malayalam cinema.

The actress competed with the heroines of the day with her acting skills and beauty. But today all we hear about Kanaka is negative news. One group said he became mentally ill, another group said he was addicted to drugs. What actually happened to Kanaka? Kanaka comes from a great background. Kanaka’s grandfather Raghupathi Venkaiah built Chennai’s first cinema house, the Gaiety Theatre. It was the first cinema house in India owned by an Indian.

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He has also built Crown and Globe theatres. In recognition of his contributions to the world of cinema, the Andhra Pradesh government has also conferred Telugu awards (Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu Award) in his name. Kanaka’s Vallyammavan C Basudev was a former member of the Madras Legislative Council and the Mayor of Madras. Kanaka is the daughter of Devika, who acted alongside MGR and Shivaji Ganesh. Devika, who gave up her career completely to raise her daughter, had achieved enviable achievements in her career by then. Gangai Amaran’s wife is said to bring Kanaka to the film. That’s how Kanaka came to the cinema through Karakatakaran. Then there was a Kanaka era. Countless successes.

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At the height of his fame, his mother’s death depressed Kanaka. Soon after, his father came forward with allegations against Kanaka. It was alleged that Kanaka had forged his mother’s will. The father told the media that his daughter is mentally ill and addicted to drugs. Kanaka survived it all. Later news came that Kanaka was suffering from cancer. The news of Kanaka’s death was spread strongly. Kanaka himself had to come forward saying I am not dead but alive. Right after all that was over, there was a fire in Kanaka’s house. After that, some labeled Kanaka as mentally ill. In this background, the scenes seen by a journalist named Ambili MP who came to Kanaka’s house are now going viral. He describes everything he saw there in the Indian Express. He observed the surroundings and talked to Kanaka and the security man who was escorting Kanaka there.

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Kanaka lives in an old house. Alone. An old house with cracks and mold. The gate is locked but there is no security. The yard and its surroundings have not been swept for days. There are two dusty cars on the porch. You can tell by looking at it that Kanaka doesn’t use it. The neighbor says that earlier he used to take the cart and go out to buy things, but now everything is ordered and delivered. This neighbor saw the smoke coming from Kanaka’s house and informed the fire force. It was true that Kanaka had not let the firemen in at first. But it was a minor accident. The fire force officer who came there that day also said that there was a short circuit in the pooja room. Maybe that’s why Kanaka didn’t let anyone in.
But that is not the only reason, says the security garden in the adjacent apartment. This security guard provides all the assistance Kanaka needs. He said that he was in Sabarimala on the day of the accident and after I came two days later he fixed the electricity in Madam’s house. Due to bad experiences with some relatives, Madam does not allow anyone inside the house. Keep a distance from everyone.

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